● When you register at Red Sea Host , your information and your email address will be kept strictly

confidential and any authority can not see them whatever unless your request to do so.

● Red Sea Host company is committed not to sell your information to any person or authority whatever,

including your e-mail, but we use the Email to send promotional messages from time to time and you

are entitled not to correspond or close your account at any time.

● client is not entitled to reclaim any amount paid before 15 days without confirmation about this

payment by communicating with us through the ticket system payment confirmation Department, as

well as the client is not entitled to benefit from a service compared to the amount when just doing the

the donation without reason and without confirmation. you will have only 15 days or you're not gonna

get your money back.

● The communication with our customers in respect of their services is a very important process in

some cases, so it is necessary to receive the reply from any client during the period of one day up to a

maximum of history trying to communicate, and in the case of failure to cancel the application or service

without retrieval of any previous payments and that means when we are trying to contact you and you

are not responding 24 hours its the maximum.

● customer is not entitled to get the money back or end to the application / service only if they have not

yet been activated application or start working on it, and the client is responsible for all finance charges

arising from the transfer and that the Bank calculated, whether Money domestic or international, in the

case has been activated demand or start working on it, has no right to the customer called for its

abolition and recovery of the amount.

● all kinds of abuse its not allowed in red sea host as well you can go ahead and report the abuse also

clients they should respect the team and our team will help them out about the problem whatever ..

● advise in Red Sea Host do not install software or Mods specializes pressure pages or accelerated or

convert ties Example Hack VBseo and other software that will do more harm than good and may result

in specific you fully resource consumption.

● client has no right to recover any money or claim them after the payment process in the case has been

initiated or been done even it was a little service

● client can not convert the domain or transferred only through a clients panel in Red Sea Host after the

approval of the administration at 24 hours maximum.

● delay in the payment of installments for the specified dates may stop your services in Red Sea Host(

the electronic company).

● when you register in Red Sea Host, means you are ok on all these above conditions are subject (

entirely underneath ) .

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